About InsideOut Soaps LLC

Unlike most commercially produced products, my soap is made using only natural vegetable oils. When these are combined with Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), a process called saponification occurs. It takes 24-48 hours for the process to complete and the result is pure soap and glycerin (the lye is no more). No additional chemicals or detergents are added. No additional heat is used. The result is a product that fully retains the benefits of those natural oils; soaps that deliver increased moisture and that form a protective barrier to hold that moisture in. After drying for 4-6 weeks, the excess water has fully evaporated and the soap is ready to use. Everyone who has tried them say they love the smell and the soft, smooth lather. I find my skin retains significantly more moisture and feels much smoother… and cleaner ... you know that squeaky clean!

Throughout 2020, like so many people, I spent significantly more time browsing the internet while socially distancing. When I stumbled upon a youtube video demonstrating cold process soap making, I was pulled in by the combination of precise chemistry and creative design; something that allowed me to exercise both my inner geek and my artistic spirit. Living in Vermont, I thought why not create a product which attempts to bring the essence of its beauty to life in a nurturing product you can bring into your home. And so began OutsideIn Soaps LLC. 

All of my soaps are handmade, by me, in small batches in my Hartland kitchen. They are hand cut so no two are exactly the same. Most bars average between 4.5 and 5 oz and, if one seems a little light, you will probably catch me slipping an extra bar into your order. Distribution of colorants will be slightly different in each bar.

I so hope that you will enjoy my soaps as much as I do!