Yes, It Really Is That Blue

Vermont Nature as inspiration

There really is something special about living in Vermont. I like the quiet and lack of crowds. I love being able to walk out my door and see trees, deer, turkeys, fields. So wonderful to be able to smell the grass, the forests, the streams, the snow. Some folks find it too quiet and complain there is not enough to do, but even they seem to enjoy Vermont’s natural beauty (as long as they can return to the city). With all the craziness of the past year, everyone seems to crave at least a little peace and calm.

I stumbled upon soap making as I was winding down from over 20 years in the high-stress field of Computer Systems Administration. The scientific aspects appealed to my analytical mind but I found the process of creating designs and blending essential oils relaxing. With Vermont being known for its high-quality handmade goods, my concept became the creation of a product that could help provide a soothing experience by delivering some of that Vermont beauty in a hand-crafted product. And so was born OutsideIn Soaps LLC. 

I love coming up with Essential Oil blends that remind me of Vermont’s unique beauty; Foliage (of course), a cool crisp snowy day, warm holiday smells, spring showers, summer fields. Since I started down this path, my home is filled with the wonderful scents of these oils. I also enjoy creating color palettes that reflect and incorporate the visuals of these experiences. When you combine these visceral experiences with the helpful physical benefits of the cold process soap product itself, a second meaning for OutsideIn Soaps LLC becomes apparent; “Self-care from the outside in”. 

So, from my home to yours, even if you can’t travel right now, you can still enjoy these little pieces of calm from OutsideIn Soaps LLC.

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