Spring. It’s in the Air.

 'Round about now we are all chomping at the bit for signs of spring. The days are getting longer. Occasionally the thermometer makes it to 40 or even 50 degrees. There is light at the end of the tunnel! But, mother nature is not done with us yet, so I thought I would try to provide a little sneak preview. 

Spring smells fresh and green. Grass and plants are renewed and their scents are in the air. The ground thaws and allows us to once again smell that earthy aroma of wet soil. You can actually smell the slight warmth and sun. Here are some of the essential oils that hint at spring.


Essential Oil


Therapeutic Properties


Woody, hinting at mint, honey & citrus

Can loosen and clear congested chest easing breathing. It can act as a natural bug repellent. Used in some over the counter medications to ease joint pain.


Clean, Sharp Citrus

Therapeutically thought to ease depression and soothe the brain

Lemon Grass

Fresh, lemony, grassy, earthy, slightly sweet

Particularly good at cleansing pores


Floral, herbal and evergreen woodsy

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Thought to ease anxiety, insomnia and depression.


Stimulating, upbeat citrus aroma

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Can help slow skin aging by minimizing free-radical damage.


Reminiscent of orange but with a bit of bitterness and woodiness

Cleansing, detoxifying, helps reduce water retention and cellulite


Similar to lime with floral and herbal undertones

Antiseptic and anti-microbial while also thought to reduce anxiety and stress.


Aromatic and earthy. Notes of pine and citrus with spicy undertones

Anxiety reducing properties. Stimulates the immune system. Strengthens skin and improves skin tone.

Ylang Ylang

deep, rich aroma that's slightly sweet and floral

Thought to have anti-depressant properties and to promote positive feelings. Strengthens skin and hair and encourages new growth of each.


OutsideIn Soaps LLC makes no guarantee that the essential oils will produce these therapeutic results. You will have to be the judge of if and how they affect you physically and emotionally. But, we do hope that you will find them uplifting like that first spring day. Remember that as with any substance, even natural ones, some people may be more sensitive than others, so be sure to try the soap on a small area of your body first. As always, if you have questions, please check with a medical professional.

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