Soap as a Gift?

I’m probably dating myself, but does anyone remember the old ad “Calgon take me away!”? It featured a woman in a chaotic home scenario who, after uttering that slogan, was whisked away from the mayhem and was then shown relaxing in a calm, quiet bath. These ads gave rise to the use of calgon as an adjective for certain moments in time. This past year has definitely qualified as a “calgon moment” for just about everyone. 

Whether you prefer a bath or a shower, the time spent with soothing hot water can help to alleviate daily stresses and sort of create a “mini spa” experience. And who doesn’t need a little spa in their life? Add to that warmth the diffusion of your favorite essential oils and the pampering of your skin with quality natural ingredients and glycerin, and you’ve gifted yourself, or someone else, with a bit of peace and pampering. All for relatively little cost. 

My mother would occasionally give me nice soaps as a gift when I was younger and I always loved it because it was something I wouldn’t normally do for myself (now I know better). This year everyone on my list got a little “self-care” and boy was it well received. I give them as presents when I want to say thank you; the postman, the plumber, my neighbors.  A friend who ordered from me said “My husband picked up the soap that’s still sitting on my desk and wouldn’t put it down”. 

OutsideIn Soaps help to promote physical, mental and emotional health. So yes, soap as a gift! one that will be much appreciated. #enjoytheclean

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