No Animals Were Harmed

According to the Human Society International, “Cosmetic animal tests are archaic chemical-poisoning experiments devised more than half a century ago, such as rodent “lethal dose” tests (1920s), rabbit eye and skin irritation tests (1940s) and guinea pig skin allergy tests (1950s).”1  We’ve all heard the horror stories.

Since OutsideIn Soaps LLC does not use any chemical additives in their soaps, the chances of an adverse reaction are greatly reduced from those posed by commercially produced cleansers which often contain chemical preservatives and scents. That said, people are allergic to all kinds of things and the specific irritant is often hard to pin down. Everyone reacts to environmental agents differently. For this reason, we always recommend that you “test” our products on a small area of your body first.

OutsideIn Soaps begin with naturally derived vegetable oils; Olive, Coconut, Palm and Almond. Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) and distilled water are added to initiate a chemical reaction that breaks the whole thing down to just glycerol and fatty acid salt (soap). No Lye actually remains in the finished product. The only additional ingredients are the colorant and essential oils. Our colorants are either mineral micas, oxides or plant materials. Finally, essential oils (not fragrance oils) are used to create scent. Every bar of OutsideIn soap is labeled with a complete list of ingredients and these are clearly identified in the product descriptions on our website. Please be sure that you review them before making a purchase.

Our products are “tested” on myself and a select group of grateful friends and neighbors. So far everyone is happy and we left the animals alone.




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