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  • Spring. It’s in the Air.

     'Round about now we are all chomping at the bit for signs of spring. The days are getting longer. Occasionally the thermometer makes it to 40 or e...
  • Winter…it’s hard on your skin!

    Winter Skin Care Tips
  • Why Stones?

    I was recently asked why some of my soaps are called stones, so I thought I would take a minute to explain. The internet is full of sites devoted to the healing powers of stones. . So, I set forth to create a stone shaped soap that I hoped would foster a sense of peace.
  • Yay for Shea

    The fountain of Youth?  Well, not quite, but Shea Butter does offer your skin some amazing benefits. Extracted from the nut of the African Shea Tre...
  • We Know You Have Questions...

    Let us answer some of your questions about why you should try OutsideIn Soaps
  • Hellooooooo????

    Trying to start an on-line business using social media. Is anybody listening?
  • No Animals Were Harmed

    Our products are “tested” on myself and a select group of grateful friends and neighbors. So far everyone is happy and we left the animals alone.

  • Yes, It Really Is That Blue

    How OutsideIn Soaps LLC brings some much needed calm during these times.
  • Soap as a Gift?

    Give a gift of self-care to promote physical, mental and emotional health. Artisan soap can help provide a mini spa experience.
  • Can I Make My Own Cold Process Soap?

    Tired of synthetic commercial "soaps"? Make your own cold process soap. Or not...
  • Why Should I Buy Handmade Soap?

    What can handmade soap do for me? Summary of my reading on the potential physical and emotional benefits of handmade soap over commercially produced soap.
  • Essential Oils – What’s all the fuss about?

    Essential Oils - What they are and why OutsideIn Soaps smell so good!